2017 Summer Camp Director

Ellen Dickinson
Program Director

I came to camp in the mid 2000’s to be a counselor because I love the outdoors and I love serving God! At the time I had been reading from Pastor Henry Blackaby and I was challenged by what he wrote: “God is always at work around you. Look to see where He is at work and join Him.” I stepped into camp seeing that God was at work and wanting to join Him. What I found right away is that joining God in His work at Fair Haven Camps was a huge joy, it was, and still is, all the best kinds of challenging and rewarding! The kind of challenging that forced me to fully trust God and rely on and rest in His grace and provision.  The kind of rewarding that for me is best found in spending time teaching kids about God and about what it means to be loved by Him! I loved my days as a counselor and feel truly blessed that God called me to return to Fair Haven Camps after a few years away to be a Director. Now, though I don’t spend as much time with campers directly, I find that I still love to join God’s work by training and discipling counselors and seeing them enjoy making every day of summer camp amazing for their campers!!

This summer I am looking forward to seeing campers enjoy the Maine outdoors. I am excited to have campers and counselors on hiking trails and at campsites, swimming in our spectacular lake and riding at the horse barn – we have amazing activities! There is simply nothing like splashing a new friend from the seat of your kayak on a hot summer day, or the view of the world and the feel of the breeze from back of a horse, or a nature walk where you examine leaves and peel back a rocks to peer beneath and see what lives and grows there! And that only scratches the surface of what we do in a day at Fair Haven Camps!  I expect to see more campers than ever before which means more big games, more opportunities to try something new,  more time with fantastic counselors, more friendships built and more life changing memories!

I am excited see kids discover the beauty of all God has created, and to find belonging with new friends! Most of all, I am excited to see kids fall in love with God! To see hope, and joy restored by salvation found in Jesus!!  Our Theme for the summer is Restore. My prayer is that kids throughout Maine would come to camp and experience the joy of knowing Jesus and being restored by His salvation!  For all this and so much more I am I look forward to the end of our long Maine winter and being able to spend my summer in the best way possible: on a little lake in the woods of Maine at Fair Haven Camps serving God!