Staff Opportunities: Paid & Volunteer

Program Staff

All program staff are given a stipend for training week and then a bi-weekly pay based on position. Staff have off from Friday evening though Sunday afternoon.

Senior Counselors (age 18+) are called to invest in the lives of the campers that they serve. They are to develop relationships with each camper and be a healthy role model by being a model of Christ. SCs are responsible, with another counselor, for a cabin of up to 8 campers that they live, play, and eat with for the week. SCs lead cabin devotion times as well as look for any opportunity to share Christ with their campers. SCs are responsible for leading activities. Most activities are led in pairs and you can request to lead particular activities on your application. We also look for some counselors to lead particular activities where training may be required. Each summer we need: Lifeguards, Ropes Course Facilitators, Archery and Riflery Instructors that have current certifications (training may be available). SCs also participate in and lead evening activities like large group games and weekly campout. Bi-weekly Salary, Room, board, laundry services.

Junior Counselors (age 16+) are paired up with a Senior Counselor and assist them with their duties and their cabin. JCs have the same responsibility to invest in the lives of their campers and to model the example of Christ. JCs may be asked to lead a particular activity or game. Must have competed the SaLT Training to apply. Bi-weekly Salary, Room, board, laundry services.

No weekend housing available for staff under 18 years of age. All Junior Counselors must go home on the weekends. Staff from out of state must make prior arrangements with a host family.

Area Directors (age 19 +) take charge of a particular activity area. Area directors supervise daily activities and ensure proper use, storage and maintenance of the equipment. Higher consideration will be given to those who are willing to serve as counselors and area directors. Bi-weekly Salary, Room, board, laundry services.

The areas are: Horsemanship, Ropes Course, Crafts, Teen Program, Target Sports and Waterfront.

Worship Director  (age 18+) Director of Contemporary Worship: FHC is seeking an energetic and passionate Chapel Worship Leader who will give leadership to the planning and leading of music for daily chapels (2x’s a day) for its summer camps.

The ability to play guitar and/or keyboard is desired as well as strong vocal quality. This person should feel comfortable working with staff members as well as campers of various ages 6-18. They should also have a working knowledge of A/V technology, and strong organizational skills.

Service & Leadership Training Director (age 19+) SaLT. The SaLT Director will report to the Girls/Boys Program Directors. This program is designed to train teens to be leaders in their communities, leaders in the workplace, and begin the training process as possible future Junior Counselors at Fair Haven. The Director will oversee up to 32 teens during 1- 5 week session. It will be the responsibility of the Director to help lay the foundation for the teens in personal bible study, camp policy, leading of various activities, service projects, cleaning dishes and tables in the kitchen and training and practice of writing and giving cabin devotions and leading campers to Christ. Bi-weekly Salary, Room, board, laundry services.

Wranglers -Individuals will be hired to work directly with the Horsemanship Director and Horse Lovers Program. A working knowledge of horses and their care are essential.

Lead Wrangler: (age 21+) Will be responsible with the oversight of the JR. Wranglers and report directly to the Horsemanship Director for all assignments and duties. Will lead daily bible studies and attend chapels with Jr. Wrangles. Will help maintain the barn, horses, and all areas necessary for the running of the horsemanship program. Bi-weekly Salary, Room, board, laundry services.

Jr. Wrangler: (age 16+) Will report directly to the Lead Wrangler for duties and responsibilities for the Horsemanship program. This position requires that applicant is available for the entire 7 weeks of camp and Training Week. May be required to help as a cabin assistant when the need arises. Bi-weekly Salary, Room, board, laundry services.

Lifeguards (age 15+) Training is available for those interested in working as a lifeguard. Duties include but are not limited to, helping with swim tests, teaching swim classes, and lifeguarding during all water related activities. Maintenance of the waterfront and all equipment is essential. Those applying to be counselors and lifeguards will get first consideration. Housing will be in a cabin with campers and counselors. Bi-weekly Salary, Room, board, laundry services.

Support Staff – Full Time & Volunteer

40 Hours a week – approximately 8 hrs daily
Minimum wage (unless otherwise noted)
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Cook (age 18+) Cook and prepare meals for 100+ people, oversee the kitchen staff, cleaning, and complete state paperwork.

Housekeeping (age 18+) Cleaning and maintaining of buildings and Cottages – Summer Camp and Off-season positions.

Maintenance Assistant – (age 16+) Assist Supervisor with duties as assigned. Must attend Teen Chapel. May be required to assist with a cabin as needed. Bi-weekly Salary, Room, board, laundry services.

Camp Nurse – Must be an RN, LPN, EMT, CNA Certified or a Current Nursing Student. Operate our infirmaries, maintain all required records, administer medications, treat injuries and illness as they arise (deciding on appropriate medical action), and be involved with the medical portion of Sunday camper registration. Bi-weekly Salary, Room, board, laundry services.

Summer Program Secretary – Oversee the operations of the West Haven office with responsibility to maintain files and Registrations, answer the phone, greet visitors and parents, and act as the registrar, and be involved with the Sunday camper registration.

Support Staff – Part-Time

20-32 Hours a week – 4-8 hr shifts
Minimum wage (unless otherwise noted)
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Cook – Assist main cooks with their responsibilities. (Off-Season Employment/ Volunteers for Retreats and Rentals)

Daycare Assistant – Care for staff children (ages 3 and up) when staff are working, plan activities, and keep childcare area clean. Paid a weekly salary.

Laundry Assistant – Oversee staff laundry: schedule, drop off and pick up staff and kitchen laundry, wash and keep track (working with Secretary) of lost and found, and keep laundry area clean and organized.

Volunteer Positions

**All volunteers must complete a staff application**

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Full Week Volunteer – Available to fill a position for one or more full weeks when needed.

Part Time Volunteer – Available to fill one or more of the support positions for a single shift – once weekly or as needed.