Fair Haven Stables Ladies Riding Club



Are you looking for a welcoming environment where you can share the love of horses with other adult women? Maybe you used to ride & would like to take it up again? Perhaps you have been living vicariously through your daughter and want to learn how to ride yourself! 

At its heart, the FHS Ladies Riding Club is about building relationships…with the horses and with each other.  The riding lessons are geared toward teaching fundamental horsemanship, both on and off the horse, and helping you develop your equestrian skills.  For some, there may be a desire to improve skills and be able to compete in shows. For everyone, there is a desire to have meaningful opportunities to learn more about horses, share experiences, mentor youth who love horses and enjoy socializing with like-minded horsewomen in a positive & encouraging atmosphere.

In the fall season, there will be ample opportunities for riding lessons, field trips, and trail riding.   The spring season focuses on lunging, natural horsemanship, lessons, stable projects, mentoring youth, & getting the horses ready for summer.  Summer is a busy time for FHS, but we still have chances to plug in and get involved. At the end of summer, a FHS Ladies Riding Retreat is being planned for 2019. Members can expect to have opportunities to ride up to 15 times a year (approximate lesson value $450).  During the winter season, members get together for field trips, volunteer days, educational opportunities, & social events. Times of spiritual encouragement are often included. There are generally 2 opportunities most months for members to get together.

This club is for adult women ages 18 and up.  The annual membership cost for 2019 is $35o*, payable in January, or semi-annually – $195 in January & $195 in September.  Non-members will pay $30 each time they ride. These fees apply to all participants, whether they ride a FHS horse or trailer in their own horses.  All members are expected to volunteer in some way: chores, stable related projects, or youth programs. The expectation is at least 4 hours a month, on average, throughout the year.  As with all volunteers at Fair Haven, members must pass a background check.

FMI:  Cheryl Anderson, Equestrian Director

Email:  canderson@fairhavencamps.org

Phone: (207) 446-3750

*NOT included in the membership fee: stabling member-owned horses, overnight accommodations for retreats, travel expenses & meals for field trips & special events, or admission costs associated with field trips or special events.