Deposit Required: You will be need to make a $100 Deposit for Traditional Camp, $50 for Day Camp and $50 for Scholarship Recipients with your registration today. You may pay with a Credit/Debit Card or E-check. If you are unable to make a deposit with your registration, you can download and print the paper forms right her on this web site or please call the Fair Haven West Office to register over the phone or request paper forms to be mailed to you.

Please have your health insurance information ready.

Please allow 20 minutes for the Registration Process. The Registration process will time-out and you will have to start all over if you leave the system idle for more than 7 min.

All Registration Confirmations will be sent via Email. All online users will receive email confirmation with pertinent attachments to be filled out and returned.

Technical Trouble: Please call our offices at 207-722-3456 if you are having trouble with the online registration process.

Consent to Treat Form

2017 Consent Form
Please print and sign this document prior to arrival with your child at camp. We must have this form signed by a parent or guardian to complete your registration.