Value the Vision

We pray you ‘Value the Vision’ at Fair Haven Camps. We desire to bring glory to God by becoming the best Christian Camp Maine has to offer.  We want to accomplish this by improving our facilities and offer programs that meet the needs of children and adults in our surrounding communities. We cannot do this without your intentional prayer and financial support. Please use the PayPal button below to send in your gift today.


Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the physical, social, and spiritual development of all who utilize our programs and facilities resulting in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. A-MEN!

The PayPal Button above is one way to contribute to our kitchen disaster fund and show your support!  Another way to give is by sending a check made out to Fair Haven Camps and the memo stating ‘Kitchen Project’ Mail to:

Fair Haven Camps

81 W Fairhaven Ln – Brooks, ME – 04921

We have several other projects that are ongoing, here is an abbreviated list:

1. Jean 3 Shower House!

2.  Restoring the kitchen floor

3.  Replace the Downstairs Ceiling in the Lodge

4.  Widening the road

Thank you for investing in camp. Our #1 priority is to offer #CampLifeWithChrist and see more people both, young and experienced commit their lives to Jesus! You can invest in eternity by helping us finish these important projects so that we can continue our mission that is going 69 years strong. Thanks be to God and all the Glory and Honor due Him for His miraculous work He continues to do here!

Keeping it about Jesus,

Tristan Starbird

Executive Director